The intention of Barbara Marie for the Angel Newsletter

“To share clear and helpful information about Angels and Guides to help you in your every day life." 

 A short note from Barbara Marie:

"It is both an honor and a pleasure to act as a bridge for those who are interested in learning more about Angels and Guides.  With the help of our Angels, Guides and Inner Guidance we will support others who are going through many life changes.


Sharing YOUR knowledge and wisdom in this newsletter  will release healing in you and also help others at the same time. "




elcome to your FREE  Angel Newsletter!


In this new monthly Angel Newsletter we will include information on Angels, Guides and Spiritual Experiences.  We will also include an Angel of the Month section and some questions and answers on Angels.

Many of YOU have had experiences with Angels and YOU  hold a lot of wisdom.  It is the time to share it!  When one person shares, they help hundreds of others. We all learn and grow together because  of your sharing.  We will be asking for you to share your experiences by sending them in to us by email.  I will chose ONE each month to publish. Send them to with the headline of ANGEL EXPERIENCES.

Angels are being seen and heard so much more now and many of you have questions related to Angels and Spiritual Growth. Angels and Guides can be part of our Inner Guidance System which helps us make good decisions about our life. There will be sharing  on this topic from Barbara Marie and others. We will publish one or two questions each month. If you have general questions about Angels and Guides send them to with the subject line: QUESTION ON ANGELS.

Just fill out the form below to be added to the Angel Newsletter list.  I promise not to share your email address with anyone.  It is safe with me.


Barbara Marie brings spirituality down to earth!